Entering E-commerce Order Fulfillment

ecommerce lowWarehouse companies are embracing e-commerce fulfillment at an unprecedented pace. But how do they know e-commerce is right for them? The move can be tricky – but the rewards for the right model can be huge. “Entering E-commerce Order Fulfillment” is one of three breakout sessions March 14 during the 2016 IWLA Convention & Expo in Orlando.

A typical warehouse is a controlled and organized environment, however. E-commerce fulfillment is a fast-paced operation that may rely heavily on material handling equipment, technology, and flexibility. The panelists specialize in e-commerce and have experienced the challenges and complexities of shipping business to consumer.

Ayal Latz, CEO, a2B Fulfillment, will discuss the “front-end” systems such as OMS, systems integration and customer care. Many times in fulfillment, the 3PL is handling order management and needs to have customer satisfaction at top of mind.

Arthur Barrett, president of Barrett Distribution Centers, will discuss advantages of omni-channel capabilities, facility needs, footprint considerations, and human resource considerations. Online ordering can increase during the peak season or overnight from a publicity push—3PLs need to have the labor force and resources to scale quickly.

Mich Bayley, CEO of SP Express, will tackle industry trends and back-end systems, including shipping and potential penalties.

Chipper Farley, director of customer service at Zethcon Corp., will cover the IT considerations including software, EDI, integration, WMS, and OMS.

Tune in for this session and see if you’re up for the rewarding yet complicated e-commerce challenge.

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