Why Engaging Employees on the Issues is a Business Owner’s Responsibility


Truth: Business owners have responsibilities. One of these responsibilities during an election year is to help your employees make an informed decision on Election Day.

This election season is filled with publicity stunts and dramatic debates: Your employees may equate it with a surreal circus. Candidates on both sides are not doing Americans any favors. These are real candidates who need to focus on the real issues that have very real consequences for our country and our businesses. The lack of seriousness may cloud the judgment of millions who are more interested in a popularity contest.

Engaged employers can help cut to the chase. Many of your employees may be looking for answers to the issues. Have a realistic dialogue with your employees:

  • Explain how businesses remain profitable.
  • Share how your business creates jobs.
  • Highlight the importance of continued economic stability in our communities.

Public trust in the political system is low. When an employer speaks honorably and factually on the important issues, employees will listen. This is an important opportunity for employers to step up as a true leader.

Some employers are hesitant to speak to employees about politics. They should remember this: Politics affects us all—in our lives, income, health, and basic rights. If a workplace is not an appropriate place to discuss issues with significant impact to our lives, then where else to discuss?

How can you start the dialogue? One way is to create a flier that outlines how to register to vote and opens the door for employees to ask you questions about the election. The goal is to make employees more informed voters.

This important subject will be discussed April 25 & 26 during the 2016 IWLA Legislative Fly-in. Register today and learn more about how to engage your employees with this guide.

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