IWLA-PAC Makes Strategic Moves Ahead of Election


The presidential election is upon us and the IWLA Political Action Committee (IWLA-PAC) has stepped up its efforts during this critical time. Over the last few months, IWLA-PAC has contributed nearly $90,000 to U.S. House and Senate candidates for this election cycle. These candidates are supportive of the 3PL industry and serve on congressional committees relevant to our businesses.

Most importantly, throughout the summer and fall, IWLA-PAC contributions have been hand delivered by local IWLA members at various political fundraisers and receptions. These in-person opportunities are essential our success: Members serve as the face of IWLA and to impart the importance of the 3PL industry onto the candidate directly.

One such event was attended this past week by IWLA President & CEO, Steve DeHaan, and government steve-dehaan-and-adam-block-with-rep-bob-doldaffairs coordinator, Adam Block. The two were present at a reception for Rep. Robert Dold (R-Ill.) in the northern Chicago suburb of Glencoe, Ill. Rep. Dold currently serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, a body responsible for the development of national tax and trade policy. DeHaan and Block had an opportunity to introduce IWLA to the Congressman and thanked him for his continued support of the industry and of business community.

While discussing the work of IWLA, an attentive Rep. Dold wished to learn more the concerns of our members, asking DeHaan, “What keeps us up at night?” To that, DeHaan responded “regulations.” IWLA members are fortunate to be in a position to contribute to campaigns of our leaders but also tell them what matters most and, in some cases, provide solutions that can alleviate these challenges. Every touchpoint builds a stronger relationship with decision-makers in Washington.

brian-law-with-sen-kelly-ayotteAre you interested in making connections and have direct conversations with those at the seat of legislation and regulation impacting the warehouse logistics industry? Get involved in programs like IWLA-PAC and the IWLA Legislative Fly-in, May 9 & 10, 2017 in Washington, D.C. IWLA members will once again take issues to the Hill once the outcome of the election begins to take effect. Please join us—registration opening soon at www.IWLA.com.


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