IWLA to Meet with Advisers Regarding Ontario CWR Proposal


iwla-canadian-council-logo-largeThe Province of Ontario is considering many labor-related issues that will affect warehouses’ ability to remain competitive. Announced this summer, elements of the Changing Workplaces Review would create new joint employment rules for warehouse employees and temporaries; could ease unionization of workers across an entire industry/title class; would alter how overtime is calculated; and more.

IWLA retained labor lawyer Michael Sherrard to draft the association’s response to these planned changes, highlighting how they could force warehousing companies to drastically alter how they work in the province – or may force them to take their operations out of Ontario. There is a real possibility that shippers, manufacturers, and retailers would be more apt to work with 3PLs in neighboring provinces or in collar states just south of Ontario. The final response was delivered earlier this month.

Sherrard and members of the IWLA Canadian Council will be meeting later this month in Toronto with special advisers. They will educate the advisers about how warehouse logistics companies operate, their use of temporary and seasonal worker, and how shift work is sometimes completed.

This issue will also be discussed during next week’s IWLA-Canada Fall Conference.

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