IWLA Supports Launch of Americans for Modern Transportation To Advance Safer and More Efficient Transportation

iwla-steve-dehaan-twitter-graphic_011117The International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA), the resource for warehouse logistics, is partnering with a diverse group of U.S.-based shippers, deliverers, and retailers to launch the Americans for Modern Transportation (AMT) coalition. The coalition is focused on improving the safety and efficiency of the U.S. transportation system to meet the needs of modern businesses and consumers.

“A modern transportation system has the power to supercharge the economy by fostering the more efficient flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses, and ultimately to American consumers.” stated IWLA President & CEO Steve DeHaan. “Through its support of the coalition, IWLA is building a better system to match the design of the nation’s infrastructure with the demands of today’s economy.”

The coalition is focused on three critical areas of importance in transportation: enhanced safety, sustainability, and technology upgrades.

“To continue moving America forward, infrastructure investment cannot simply be improved roads and bridges; we need to lay the groundwork for a modern transportation system,” Americans for Modern Transportation added in its release. “We are excited to work with transportation leaders and innovators in the new administration and 115th Congress to make strides towards a modern transportation system.”

To learn more about the Americans for Modern Transportation visit http://americansformoderntransportation.org/.

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