CONVENTION PREVIEW: 2017 Education Sessions Tackle Industry Trends


Are you attending the 2017 IWLA Convention & Expo on March 19-21, in Palm Springs, Calif.? Join North American warehousing leaders at the premier event of the year and take advantage of these exceptional breakout sessions featuring the industry’s brightest practitioners from the most successful companies.

Trade Policies in the Age of Trump
President Donald Trump seems set to lead the most consequential shift in U.S. trade policy in decades. This session will explore emerging Trump trade policies and their implications for America’s trading partners and for international supply chains.

Hot Buttons: A Panel
This interactive panel session brings together leaders from warehousing companies to share their views on key strategic issues: developing talent, building brand awareness and identity, creating an inclusive and diverse culture, driving sustainability, and delivering continuous improvement. Attendees will learn how companies manage these issues, the best practices that help drive success, and any new ideas to employ.

The Amazon Effect: A Panel
Get an insider’s look at the philosophies and operations form the world’s largest e-commerce fulfillment company. Amazon has forged many new frontiers and those advancements will continue to impact the retail model of the future—and e-commerce around the globe. Panelists will discuss how 3PLs can compete with Amazon on a number of levels and find their niche in this growing market.

Are you ready to take advantage of everything the 2017 convention offers? Add golf to your registration or join the IWLA-PAC’s annual fundraising dinner by making a contribution. Register today! Book your hotel before the Feb. 24 deadline.

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