2017 IWLA CONVENTION SPOTLIGHT: E-commerce & Fulfillment Panel


How does the changing retail landscape affect your warehouse? IWLA members continue to take on customers that want e-commerce services. Meeting this need is a growth opportunity. IWLA plans a special fulfillment session March 21, 3:15 – 4:45 p.m., during convention so you can learn from a panel of experts. This discussion will help you understand:

  • the importance of fulfillment technology;
  • small parcel strategy;
  • fulfillment pricing strategy;
  • how to create brand awareness;
  • how to handle volume spikes associated with online sales; and
  • emerging trends in warehouse automation.

This session serves as the kickoff to the IWLA Fulfillment Council. We will ask attendees to share fulfillment-related questions/concerns for the council to tackle in the future. IWLA Chairman Mark DeFabis (CEO, Integrated Distribution Services) is set to lead these panelists: Perry Belcastor, vice president, fulfillment operations, Saddle Creek Logistics Services; Lori Homsher, CEO, EchoData Fulfillment; Daryl Lester, vice president, Simtech Supply Chain Management Ltd. Do not miss this opportunity. Register today!

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