What issues are North American warehousing CEOs trying to overcome? The Hot Buttons Panel on March 21, in conjunction with the 2017 IWLA Convention & Expo, is an interactive session that will engage various leaders of companies in warehousing to share their views on key strategic issues like:

  • Developing Talent – Tactics for attracting and developing new talent in your workforce.
  • Building Brand Awareness and Identity – A company’s core values often play into its brand identity. How does your identity differ internally and externally? How can you align brands during phases of acquisitions/consolidations?
  • Creating an Inclusive and Diverse Culture – There are many benefits to promoting a culture of diversity and inclusiveness. What are today’s top CEOs doing to drive this culture? How can you measure success?
  • Driving Sustainability – Sustainability initiatives consistently reveal new sources of competitive advantage to companies. What are customers saying about sustainability initiatives of a 3PL? How can companies market their achievements and measure success?
  • Delivering Continuous Improvement – Companies today need a continuous improvement engine or environment to grow market share, improve operating margins and remain competitive. What tools help drive the continuous improvement culture? What are the strategies or best practices for continuous improvement?

The panel will be moderated by Bob Bianco, Operating Partner, Calera Capital and will include Andy Smith, COO, FedEx Supply Chain; Chris Oechsel, CEO, Zethcon; Melissa Porter, CSO, Prologistix; and Monica Wooden, CEO, MercuryGate. Do not miss this session on March 21, at 1:30 – 3 p.m., during the 2017 IWLA Convention & Expo in Palm Springs, Calif. Register today!

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