New resource available to connect ex-convicts with employers

A new tool is available to connect employers and people who have served time in prison and are looking for a job.

The resource is and is named after the 70 million Americans with criminal records.

The company was founded by former felon Richard Bronson, who used to work at the same firm the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” was based off of.

“I want to make a lot of money, I want to make my investors a lot of money and I also want to do massive social good by helping a lot of people get jobs,” Bronson said.

One Indianapolis company known for hiring citizens returning to society is Merchandise Warehouse.

“Actually, six of our top ten employees come from those at risk situations,” Merchandise Warehouse Vice President Scott Whiting said. “I think they appreciate the second chance or third chance in some cases and it’s hard for them to get jobs elsewhere, because not a lot employers will even take a look at them.”

Whiting said the people formerly incarcerated consistently perform 20 to 30 percent better than the company’s average employee.

One of those employees who is succeeding at Merchandise Warehouse after a three-year prison stint is Eric Floyd.

“(My job) has changed everything for me, my daughter,” Floyd said. “It’s given me an opportunity to put the 35 years of my life where I did negativity behind me and say for the next 35 years I can do some positive.”

According to the National Institute of Justice, about two-thirds of released prisoners are back behind bars within three years of their release and that statistic jumps to 77 percent after five years.

“The department of corrections is considered a revolving door so when you end up walking in the door (at Merchandise Warehouse) that revolving door closes.”

The website is live now and employers and people formerly incarcerated can sign up today.

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