Lanetix Launches Collaboration Suite in Response to Digital Disruption

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Sept. 25, 2017 – Lanetix, a global leader in cloud-based digital process automation (DPA) and collaboration solutions for the transportation and logistics industry, announced the launch of a new suite of digital workspaces for opportunity management, RFP management, solution design, customer onboarding and account management. These newly released features and enhancements address key struggles facing the logistics industry, as per the recently-released 2018 22nd Annual Third-Party Logistics Study.

The study, led by Penn State University School of Supply Chain Management worked to identify critical issues facing shipper-3PL relationships, with an emphasis on risk and recovery. Findings include an overall industry desire for faster implementation, increased need to access accurate and complete information, and the limitations of email correspondence when working to find real-time solutions.

“The findings from this study confirm our observation: 3PLs and shipping companies must be proactive and innovative in developing and implementing customer solutions,” said John Golob, CEO of Lanetix. “Since 2014, we have provided logistics and transportation companies with a dynamic and collaborative digital workspace, and these new features will allow them to further reduce the risk scope creep, preserve gross margin, streamline carrier relationships and reduce churn.”

As part of its enhanced Software-as-Service platform, Lanetix now offers the following solutions:

  • Customer Onboarding – This new feature offers internal and external processes to implement solutions and allows subscribers to quickly execute and update SOPs, conduct compliance audits and track conversions
  • RFP and Global Tender Management – This enhanced solution allows users to prioritize and respond to RFPs, collaborate with product teams, and ultimately deliver higher quality responses that impact win rates based on risk, gross margin and winnability.
  • Account Management – Users can prepare and conduct QBRs, build retention and upsell plans, log and resolve service issues, and proactively manage fall down

Lanetix also unveiled Lanetix Conversations, an enabling technology for unstructured collaboration between employees, agents and team members, within a structured workflow. The feature allows subscribers to communicate and send documents, all within an organized and easily accessible conversations system. This ultimately enables logistics and transportation providers to respond faster to tenders, smooth hand-offs between sales and solution design, and quickly identify projects at risk.

“An overall theme of this year’s findings was a lack of collaboration hubs in the third-party logistics industry,” said Dr. John Langley of Penn State University. “For a solution such as Lanetix to take the digital workspace one step further and engage an entire organization to collaborate in real-time, it can ultimately protect company’s profit margins and strengthen the shipper-3PL relationship.”

For more information about Lanetix, visit The 2018 22nd Annual Third-Party Logistics Study can be read in its entirety at

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