Geodis seeks ‘dataviz’ experts for warehouse innovation

Geodis is running a ‘hackathon’ in Paris next month in collaboration with BeMyApp, a digital transformation agency, to help it meet the challenge of data prediction and data visualisation.

The November 8 event will welcome “talented IT and selected dataviz professionals” together with experts in artificial intelligence during an intense one-day working session called: ‘Smart Warehouse: participate in the creation of the warehouse of tomorrow… today’.

Start-ups and individuals are being invited to provide innovative solutions to two challenges:

  • how to model relevant information to warehouse managers in order to optimise stocks thanks to 2D or 3D visualisation
  • how to predict variations in activities in order to optimise human and material resources in a warehouse.

The solutions will be judged by a panel of Geodis judges and the winners will sign their first contract with Geodis to prototype and develop their solutions in at least one of the group’s platforms.

Geodis explains: The word hackathon is a compound of the words hack, as in “clever programmer”, and marathon, which implies endurance. This event, also known as a codefest, is a coding gathering that brings computer programmers together to find new solutions to company challenges over a short period of time.

All startups or individual professionals willing to participate can apply on the event website page



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