Women in Logistics: Ann Drake of DSC Logistics

As a current member of the Kellogg School Global Advisory Board at Northwestern University—and a previous 24-year tenure as the CEO for DSC Logistics—Ann Drake’s exemplary leadership and expertise helped create the leading position for DSC in the supply-chain sector. DCS is a forward-thinking Lead Logistics provider, 3PL provider, and supply chain consultant aimed at raising the bar higher while embracing change.

Among her impressive list of awards and recognitions, Drake was awarded the 2015 Schultz Award for efforts to advance women in transportation and logistics. Last year, she was presented the Entrepreneurial Champion Luminary Award by C200.

No stranger to the competition found in a male-dominated industry, Drake continues supporting women’s roles in the supply chain and logistics industries through the founding of the AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management, and Education) network that now boasts more than 1,000 female senior supply chain leaders.

Additionally, she boasts recognition for “Women Who Make a Difference” Award recognition from International Women’s Forum in 2014 along with being named the “Industry Leader of the Year” by Illinois Institute of Technology.

Source: http://globaltrademag.com/global-trade-daily/women-in-logistics-ann-drake-of-dsc-logistics/

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