REO Logistics pairs with Latrobe Street Mission for employment opportunities

REO Logistics partnered with the Latrobe Street Mission at the beginning of the year to hire people who need employment.

Those who have been employed from the Mission are working on the manufacturing side of the company.

They also provides transportation to and from work for employees. Currently, REO Logistics has hired four people from the Latrobe Street Mission.

“REO is a family business, fourth generation, and when my dad recruited me, he convinced me that actually the best way to help people is to provide jobs for them. So it’s really been my goal all along to build the company in a way that allows us to give back,” says Rebecca Polan CEO of REO Logistics.

On March 5th, the Latrobe street Mission will be hosting a job fair and Health Day, where REO Logistics will be one of seven employers in attendance.


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