EPA Issues Final Risk Management Program Rule

On November 21, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  released the Risk Management Program (RMP) Reconsideration final rule, which modifies and improves the existing rule to remove burdensome, costly, unnecessary amendments while maintaining appropriate protections and ensuring first responders have access to all of the necessary safety information. This rule also resolves important security concerns

IWLA voiced its support for EPA’s action in a November 21 public statement: “This rule directly addresses very important safety issues. And any decisions and regulatory changes that facilitate the exchange of pertinent information during a time of crisis are always better,” says IWLA President & CEO Steve DeHaan. “But broadcasting the materials in question could open safety concerns in its own right. IWLA applauds the new RMP Reconsideration Rule as it cuts away barriers to quick and timely communication with key players while being mindful of the sensitive nature of that information.”

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