2020 IWLA Convention & the Coronavirus

Convention Attendees:

IWLA leaders and staff look forward to seeing you later this month for the 2020 Convention & Expo.

A few attendees have contacted us with their concerns about travel given the news surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). As you might imagine, IWLA leadership and management are monitoring this situation. Our main focus is the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (which has not issued any advisories for domestic travel). We will continue to watch the CDC and the World Health Organization websites for policy changes for the United States and, specifically, Southern California.

At this time, the logistics industry is tackling business as usual, and so is IWLA.

IWLA is working with the convention hotel to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the event. We will have additional sanitizing stations, wipes, tissues, and more available throughout the property.

We hope you will still join us for a great event in San Diego. If you feel you should not travel at this time, we hope to see you in the future, but the standard IWLA cancellation policy remains in effect.

If anything changes, we will be in touch.


Steve DeHaan
President & CEO


2 responses to “2020 IWLA Convention & the Coronavirus

  1. With the Coronavirus now a pandemic are there any updates since the CDC has now commented on limiting attendance in commercial settings?

    • Thank you for reaching out regarding attending the convention. The executive team flew out to San Diego early this morning. They plan to meet and discuss the current situation. They will be sending an email later today with their decision.

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