URGENT REQUEST: Trucker access to bathroom facilities

We are hearing multiple reports that shippers and receivers are refusing access to bathroom facilities for truck drivers due to fears about virus transmission. Drivers are threatening to “go home”. Coupled with the fact that some state rest stops are closed (we’re working on that too)  the lack of access to restrooms at shipper/receiver locations is a barrier to trucking continuity.

I know there is a lack of good guidance on how to protect the health of all workers in the logistics environment. Best practices are being developed by industry. (Please share yours.) We’ll help push those out as we can. But in the interim, can we ask for assistance with messaging your members to have informed compassion? Follow CDC guidance and practice good hygiene.

We are all in this fight together. We need our truckers on the roads so our warehouses and stores and manufacturing can stay open and so that our communities get what they need.  At a time when our systems are so stretched and fragile, now more than ever we need to band together the disparate parts of the supply chain to ensure our country has the nourishment, hydration, and medical care we need.

American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN)

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