Pre-and-post Election To-do List

EmployeesVoteLogoPngYou’ve reminded them to register, encouraged them to vote early, and talked to them about the importance of participating in the upcoming election. Now what?

Don’t just sit back and wait for Election Day.


In the coming days, make sure you’re communicating to your audience about the election:

  • Remind absentee voters to return their voted ballot by the state-specified deadline.
  • Encourage voters to make Election Day plans including:
    • Finding Their Polling Place
    • Voter ID Requirements (If Applicable)
    • Voting Time Off Laws
  • Advertise the election by adding an election results graphic to your organization’s website, sending an election reminder message, and posting reminders to social media.


After the election, your grassroots communications should shift from GOTV to grassroots advocacy with the goal of educating your audience on how the results of the election impact your organization. Here are some action items to keep in mind:

  • Send an all-employee election results message.
  • Congratulate newly elected officials and invite them to visit your organization’s facilities or offices. Between elections and swearing-in, elected officials are often home in their districts. Coordinate with local facility management to send congratulatory messages and extend an invitation for site visits.
  • Survey your audience to gauge the success of your 2013-2014 GOTV program. Assessing your efforts will help you to better understand your audience’s needs and adjust your program for the 2016 election.

A grassroots professional’s work is never done. Transitioning to post-election grassroots advocacy is key to advancing your organization’s goals and objectives. Visit for additional resources.

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