The Story of an Industry Leader: Herb Shear

herb Shear-20-1Herb Shear is a well-known figure of success in the warehouse logistics industry. As the former CEO of GENCO, he transformed his family-owned warehousing and trucking company into a $1.6 billion company now owned by Fedex.

Hear the story of this transformation during one of the general sessions at the 2016 IWLA Convention & Expo, March 13-15, in Orlando, Fla.

Shear, a long-time IWLA member, will share details of his journey from the day he began working in the family business in 1971. Most notable throughout Shear’s leadership was the ability to innovate from what was normal at the time. Shear is considered a pioneer of reverse logistics. GENCO currently processes 600 million returned items in a year. Chip Scholz, business coach, Scholz & Associates, will moderate in a question/discussion format.

Register for the IWLA Convention & Expo and join us in honoring IWLA’s 125th Anniversary.

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